Pet Ear Cleaning

Step 1

Hold tip of ear straight up. If you are cleaning a cat's ears, wrap entire body snuggly in a towel, leaving only the head sticking out from the towel.


Step 2

Fill entire ear canal with cleaning solution.

Step 3

Massage ear at base (as close to the head as possible) for 20 seconds, holding tip of ear up the entire time.

Step 4

Release ear and allow your pet to shake head.


Step 5

Use a towel or tissue to wipe away any visible dirt and excess cleaner from ear flap.

Other Tips

Clean the ears after swimming or baths. If using ear medication, clean the ears every 2-3 days while medicating. Some dogs produce a lot of wax and need their ears cleaned on a regular basis (every 1-3 weeks). If you get a lot of wax out of the ear, increase the frequency of ear cleanings.

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