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There are few things in life harder than being faced with the sobering reality of our beloved pets' shortened lifespans. As integral members of our family, we want to make sure they are happy and healthy for as long as possible, but, there comes a time, when their quality of life begins to decline and we are faced with the heart wrenching dilema of having to decide when it is time to let them go. 

At Loyal Companion Animal Care, we understand just how difficult these situations are and how unique each pet's and family's sitation is. We are here, willing and able to help you and your family through every step of the process. It is our goal to provide you with tools and options that best suit you, your family's and your beloved companion's particular needs. 


With this in mind, we have assembled a group of resources to guide you, whether you are struggling with deciding between hospice care or euthanasia, have children at home who are having a hard time undertanding their loyal friend's passing, or are trying to help an elderly family member cope with the loss of their main companion.  We hope  you will find these resources to be helpful whatever your particular case may be, and we are always here should you have questions on what the next steps are. 


The grief we feel when losing a pet is very real and often times hard to explain to loved ones whom may not have had the chance to experience the power and strength of that bond. At Loyal Companion Animal Care, we understand. Please reach out should we be of any assistance. 



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